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About University of Tripoli

About the University of Tripoli

The first university in Libya was established by a royal decree on December 15, 1955 under the name of “University of Libya”. It began with the Colleges of Arts and Education in Benghazi. In 1957, the Faculty of Science was established in Tripoli. This formed the inception of the University of Tripoli. Then, the Faculty of Agriculture was birthed in 1966. However, before that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) created the Higher Technical Studies Faculty, which later was annexed to the University of Libya in 1967 under the name of Faculty of Engineering. In 1973, the University of Libya split into University of Benghazi and University of Tripoli. In 1976, its name was changed to Al-Fateh University. In 2009, the Medical colleges were separated to become “Al-Fateh University for Medical Sciences”. This lasted one year as in 2010 the medical colleges were coupled together back to University of Al-Fateh. In 2012 the university regained its original name as the University of Tripoli. Faculties were constantly established at the University of Tripoli to reach 20 colleges. 

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2020-11-24 32 0

The President of the University of Tripoli met with the Vice President of the European Union for Private Sector in Libya (EU4PSL) and the Director of Expertise France, Mohammed Al-Aswad, in the presence of Prof. Naguib Al-Marzouki and the Director of International Cooperation Office (ICO) and Head of Contract Unit at the ICO. The meeting focused on joint cooperation between EU4PSL and the University of Tripoli. Discussions also centred on supporting entrepreneurship education in Libyan universities.

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2020-11-17 3 0

The President of the University of Tripoli - Chairman of the High Central Committee of Secondary School Examinations for the Greater Tripoli Region, Prof. Nabil Enattah, met in his office a delegation from Ministry of the Interior headed by Brigadier Abdel Basit Salama. Salama is assigned by the Minister of the Interior to follow up the progress of the general secondary examinations. He was accompanied in his visit with the Director of the Department of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, and the Director of the Department of Security Affairs.  The meeting discussed the progress of the general secondary school examinations, and stood on all precautionary measures taken to combat the Corona pandemic within the University of Tripoli in particular and the Greater Tripoli region in general. They also discussed security arrangements, vehicle bottlenecks and other obstacles in order to find quick solutions to them.

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2020-11-11 314 0

The President of the University of Tripoli and the Secretary-General of the National Committee for Education, Culture and Science paid an inspection visit to the Faculty of Oral and Dental Surgery, accompanied by the Vice-President of Medical Faculties, the Dean of the Faculty of Oral and Dental Surgery, the Head of the University Police Station and the Director of the Media Office. The purpose of the visit is to eye the damage that the faculty has incurred as a result of the war on the capital of Tripoli. Solutions of restoration and reopening were set. The President of the University gave instructions to start the refurbishing process immediately. He took the opportunity to thank and appreciate the director of Tripoli Security Directorate, Brigadier/Dr. Osama Oweidan, for his standing and support for the University of Tripoli in general and for the Faculty of Oral and Dental Surgery in particular. The President has also extended his thanks to the competent official authorities for their efforts in this regard. The University draws colossal attention that students of dentistry resume their studies in the faculty as soon as possible.

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Dr. Rabya Lahmer
- faculty of Agriculture
Mr. nomidya fteas
Department of - faculty of Education Tripoli
Department of French Language - faculty of Languages
Mr. Mohamed elmozoogy
- Shariaa Scienes College - Tajora

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Some of publications in University of Tripoli

Abdulkarim E. Ahtash, .Hermas A. S, Ibrahim A. Azaga, ِAbdelraof kurdi (4-2010), Face color effect on growth rate of Libyan Barbary lambs, Egyptian Journal of Sheep and Goat Sciences5(1):, pp. 101-111.

Thuraya Bashir El-Wifati (12-2004), The Technique of of Calque in the Translation of Political Discourse, الأكاديمية الليبية للدراسات العليا .

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