Dr. IbrahimAlmerhag

Department of Networking Faculty of Information Technology

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Dr. Ibrahim Ali Mohamed Almerhag


Doctor of Phiosophy

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Ibrahim Almerhag is one of the staff members at the department of Computer networking faculty of information technology. He is working as a professor. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

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Doctor of Phiosophy

Computer networking
University of Bradford
12 ,2006

Master degree

Business Administration
University of Bradford
12 ,2002

Master degree

Computer Engineering
Warsaw Technical University
5 ,1997


Routing based on security

Even though it is an essential requirement of any computer system, there is not yet a standard method to measure data security, especially when sending information over a network. However, the most common technique used to achieve the three goals of security is encryption. Three security metrics are derived from important issues of network security in this chapter. Each metric demonstrates the level of achievement in preserving one of the security goals. Routing algorithms based on these metrics are implemented to test the proposed solution. Computational effort and blocking probability are used to assess the behav- ior and the performance of these routing algorithms. Results show that the algorithms are able to find feasible paths between communicating parties and make reasonable savings in the computational effort needed to find an acceptable path. Consequently, higher blocking probabilities are encountered, which is the price to be paid for such savings. arabic 3 English 22
Ibrahim Almerhag(3-2014)
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Enhancement of Grain-128 Using Variable Feedback Polynomials of Linear Feedback Shift Register

DLFSR is promising for enhancing the security of stream ciphers. However, good inviolability and statistical properties of the DLFSR generator are only achievable when the parameters of the switching algorithm are properly selected. This paper describes a new experimental method for choosing suitable parameters for the algorithm of switching the polynomial in DLFSR. This method was used to enhance the Grain-128 stream cipher. The randomness of the modified Grain was evaluated using the NIST suite, and the results are encouraging. The modified Grain was also compared to the original, and the results indicated that the modified algorithm outperforms the original in several tests. arabic 12 English 82
Fayrouz Aljadi, Ibrahim Almerhag, Fardous Eljadi(3-2019)
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Different Approaches to Classify Network Routing Protocols

In this paper a brief introduction to the concept of quality of service has been given. However, it mainly focuses on the classification of routing algorithms based on a number of different criteria like: protocols, structure, technologies in use, etc. And it concludes with a presentation of a common problem facing routing protocols, namely routing loops, and explained the known solutions to that problem. arabic 6 English 52
Ibrahim Almerhag, Ali Ganoun(6-2018)