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The Faculty of Education – Janzour has two buildings. One is for administrative uses, the other is for teaching and includes offices for staff. It has two halls that are used for conferences, activities and events that are held by students and staff of the Faculty.

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faculty of Education Janzour has more than 99 academic staff members

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Dr. abdunnaser mohamed mohamed megrahi

عبد الناصر المقرحى هو احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم الكيمياء بكلية التربية جنزور. يعمل السيد عبد الناصر المقرحى بجامعة طرابلس كـاستاذ مساعد منذ 2014-12-11 وله العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصه


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A Comparison between Three Organic Solvents in Extracting Essential Oils from Fresh and Dry Leaves Of Salvia Officinalis L

Salvia officinalis L. is a Mediterranean species, naturalized in many countries. The composition of essential oil isolated from Salvia officinalis L, wild growing in Libya, was analyzed. In this study, essential oils from fresh and dry leaves of Salvia officinalis L, Libya, were extracted with ethanol, hexane or chloroform as solvents using Soxhlet apparatus and the extracts were analyzed using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry method. Each solvent showed differences in the extraction yields between fresh and dry leaves. Physical constants of the extracts were shown variation in color, viscosity, density, PH and percentage of production between fresh and dry leaves for each solvent. GC-MS results showed that ethanol could extract the most compounds compared to hexane and chloroform from both fresh and dry leaves. In total 41, 28 and 31 compounds were identified in the essential oils of fresh and dry leaves of Salvia officinalis L using ethanol, hexane or chloroform respectively. For each solvent the number of compounds extracted from dry leaves was bigger than the number extracted from fresh leaves. arabic 33 English 104
ABUBAKER A BASHIR ATRROG, abdunnaser mohamed mohamed megrahi, Fathia Mousa H Altalhi(4-2018)
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Code-Switching Between English and the Cyber Language through Computer-Mediated Communication: Discussion of Integrating Code-Switching in ESL Classroom

Code-Switching Between English and the Cyber Language through Computer-Mediated Communication arabic 20 English 132
Nadia Abdurrahman A. Nsir, Entisar ALi Hadi Elsherif(1-2014)
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Introducing Slang to English Language Learners

Real life conversations do not include formal spoken interactions all the time; learning to use slang will help convergence, divergence, and maintenance, which constitute speech accommodation theory. Convergence is “accommodation towards the speech of one’s interlocutors” (Meyerhoff, 2006, p. 307). In other words, how individuals are familiarized to each other’s linguistic features during speech. In the case of ELLs, they needed to gain social approval in their new community, which makes convergence occur. They use slang to maintain their social approval and construct their identity. Their convergence is downward convergence since they use slang to belong to their school community arabic 5 English 41
Entisar ALi Hadi Elsherif, Nadia Abdurrahman A. Nsir(1-2021)
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