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Monte Carlo modeling of 6 MV photon beam produced by the elekta precise linear accelerator of Tripoli medical center using beamnrc/dosexyznrc

The 6MV photon beam production by the Elekta Line accelerateur of Tripoli of medical center (TMC) was modeled using Beamnrc and Dosexyzne Monte Carlo codes. The Beamnrc code was used to model the accelerator head and generate phase files. The phase space files were then used as input to the Dosexyzne code to simulate octogenarian deth dose and beam profiles. simulation were first stared using nominal provided by the vendor, a field size of 10x10cm2 and Source to surface distance (SSD) of 100 cm. simulation were compared with experimental data and energy tuning procedures were applied to validate the model. Energy tuning procedures indicated that the nominal energy of 6 MV and a FWHM of the Gaussian distribution of the source of 0.35 cm were the optimal energy and FWHM for the model. The depth of maximum dose at 6 MV was found to be 1.5 cm. The percentage relative differences between calculated and experimental Pdd(s) ranged from 0.5% to 3% for field size of 10cm2 and reached a value of 8% at depths greater than 20cm, The model was later used to calculate PDD(s) and beam profile and output factors for different field size ranging from 3x3cm2 to 25x25cm2. Calculated output factors were in good agreement with experimental values (the percentage relative differences ranged from 1% to 4%). (Author) arabic 42 English 152
Karima Elmasri, Tawfik Giaddui(12-2012)
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