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Dr. Marwan Mustafa Ali Draid


Doctor of Phiosophy

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Marwan Mustafa Draid is one of the faculty staff members at the department Pharmacology, Toxicology & Forensic Medicine. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from 2008. He is working as a full professor since 16 October 2018. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several publications in the field of his interest.

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Doctor of Phiosophy

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology
United Graduate School of Veterinary Science, Gifu University (JAPAN)
3 ,2006

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
University of Tripoli
7 ,1996


Effects of storage temperature on the quantity and integrity of genomic DNA extracted from mice tissues: A comparison of recovery methods

Efficient extraction of genomic DNA (gDNA) from biological materials found in harsh environments is the first step for successful forensic DNA profiling. This study aimed to evaluate two methods for DNA recovery from animal tissues (livers, muscles), focusing on the best storage temperature for DNA yield in term of quality, quantity, and integrity for use in several downstream molecular techniques. Six male Swiss albino mice were sacrificed, liver and muscle tissues (n=32) were then harvested and stored for one week in different temperatures, -20C, 4C, 25C and 40C. The conditioned animal tissues were used for DNA extraction by Chelex-100 method or NucleoSpin Blood and Tissue kit. The extracted gDNA was visualized on 1.5% agarose gel electrophoresis to determine the quality of gDNA and analysed spectrophotometrically to determine the DNA concentration and the purity. Both methods, Chelex-100 and NucleoSpin Blood and Tissue kit found to be appropriate for yielding high quantity of gDNA, with the Chelex100 method yielding a greater quantity (P < 0.045) than the kit. At -20C, 4C, and 25C temperatures, the concentration of DNA yield was numerically lower than at 40C. The NucleoSpin Blood and Tissue kit produced a higher (P=0.031) purity product than the Chelex-100 method, particularly for muscle tissues. The Chelex-100 method is cheap, fast, effective, and is a crucial tool for yielding DNA from animal tissues (livers, muscles) exposed to harsh environment with little limitations.
Huda H. Al-Griw, Zena A. Zraba, Salsabiel K. Al-Muntaser, Marwan M. Draid, Aisha M. Zaidi, Refaat M. Tabagh , Mohamed A. Al-Griw(8-2017)
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Lung Function Impact from Working in the Pre-Revolution Libyan Quarry Industry

The purpose of this study was to determine the lung impact from working within the Libyan quarry industry, and if the length of work impacted the degree of degradation. arabic 11 English 67
Marwan M. Draid(5-2015)
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Neurally released ATP mediates endothelium-dependent hyperpolarization in the circular smooth muscle cells of chicken anterior mesenteric artery

The object of the present study was to clarify the neurotransmitter(s) controlling membrane responses to electrical field stimulation (EFS) in the circular smooth muscle cells of first-order branches of chicken anterior mesenteric artery. arabic 17 English 127
Marwan Draid(12-2005)
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Purinergic control of the quail rectum: Modulation of adenosine 5′-triphosphate-mediated contraction with acetylcholine

Electrical field stimulation (EFS) induces frequency-dependent contractions of the longitudinal muscle of isolated quail rectum which were sensitive to tetrodotoxin. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether purinergic neurons are implicated in the response to nerve stimulation. arabic 18 English 103
M. Draid(4-2007)

NANC inhibitory neuromuscular transmission in the hamster distal colon

The neurotransmitter(s) that generate the inhibitory junctional potential (IJP) in the circular muscle of hamster distal colon and their mechanisms have not been elucidated. The aim of the present study, therefore, was to determine the contributing roles of the non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic (NANC) inhibitory transmitter(s) including nitric oxide (NO), adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP) and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) in the generation of IJP in the hamster distal colon. For this purpose, the effects of the corresponding blockers of these putative NANC inhibitory mediators have been investigated using microelectrode technique. arabic 8 English 62
M. Draid(12-2006)
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Suppressive effect of sulphadimidine on expression of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) in broiler chicken

major histocompatibility complex (MHC) arabic 15 English 96
Marwan Draid(7-2013)
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Relationship between ATP-induced membrane potential and contraction in smooth muscle of chicken anterior mesenteric artery

ATP-induced membrane potential and contraction in smooth muscle of chicken anterior mesenteric artery arabic 15 English 107
Marwan Draid(8-2011)
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Electorophysiological Study on the Interplay between Purinergic Nerves and Endothelial Cells in the Chicken Anterior Mesenteric Artery

Nerves and Endothelial Cells in the Chicken Anterior Mesenteric Artery arabic 16 English 118
Marwan Draid(1-2006)
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Comparative Assessment of SepsiTest™ Platform to BactScreen™ and " in-house " MGB-based All Bacteria Assay for Detection of Bacteraemia in Whole Blood Samples

Several molecular techniques that are commercially described in the literature for early detection of blood stream infection in attempting to overcome the limitations of the gold standard blood culture. SepsiTest™ is aCE marked commercial platform that has been described in the literature. However, there were no studies addressing the accuracy of the test as a diagnostic platform for detection bacteraemia in whole blood samples. The study, conducted to investigate and discuss the strategy of SepsiTest™ in comparisonto our previously validated real-time PCR based assays (BactScreen™) and the previously published “in-house” minor groove binder (MGB)-based all bacteria assay. The three assays showed different sensitivity patterns for detecting bacteria in blood stream pathogens in favouring of using BactScreenTMtest. SepsiTest™ could be valuable but their lowest sensitivity in addition to their use of the unspecific SYBR Green fluoresce dye that question its diagnostic accuracy could be used as a last choice molecular diagnostic technique for detection of bacteraemia in whole blood samples. However, SepsiTest™ strategy rather, may provide useful diagnostic tool for detecting live pathogens in food technology arabic 32 English 130
Marwan Draid(12-2016)
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Effect of Lead Intoxication and fresh camel milk treatment on kidney functions Indices in albino rats

he unique characters of camel’s milk make it used extensively in the field of medicine as antidiabetic, anti-microbial, and hepatoprotective agent. The few of studies demonstrating the protective effect of camel’s milk against nephrotoxicity compound was the main reason beyond the conduction of the current experiment which aimed to investigate the protective effects of camel’s milk against lead induced nephrotoxicity arabic 15 English 86
Marwan M. Draid(1-2017)
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Relationship between Body Weight Performance and Plasma Thyroid Hormones in Broiler Hens

o investigate the effect of thyroid hormones Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothronine (T3) on bodyweight performance in broiler hens. Methodology: The hens were kept in a controlled environment of 50-60% humidity at 31oC in first two weeks than temperature been decreased to 24oC with 24 hr light cycle per day, and were treated gently. Water and feed were provided ad libitum for the all hens. The body weight of the birds detected at the day 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th week of the experimental period and blood sample detected at the day 14th,28th,42th and 56th day of the experimental period. The data were analyzed by the analysis of variance technique in completely randomized design, while the differences between means were tested by Duncan New Multiple Range Test as per SAS. Results: It was noted that there is a highly significant effect of age, at the level (P ≤ 0.01) on the characteristics of each of the concentration of the hormone T3 and T4 hormone levels and body weight. This study showed that there is a difference in the average concentration of "T4 & T3" for meat birds of different ages. The correlation coefficient manner, "Pearson" between the different qualities of the birds of the meat where it was noted there is a strong inverse relationship between "T4 & T3". arabic 11 English 77
Marwan M. Draid(1-2016)
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Green tea modulates nicotine toxicity on kidney in Wistar albino rats

The present study investigated the effects of an aqueous extract of green tea (Camellia sinensis) on kidney functions through Urea, uric acid and creatinine measurement within male Wistar albino rats intoxicated with nicotine. Forty male Wistar albino rats were randomized into four groups of ten. Over a 28 day period the control group received daily subcutaneous dose of saline (10 ml) and drank only water, the green tea group received subcutaneous dose of saline (10 ml) and drank only green tea, the nicotine group received subcutaneous dose of nicotine (10 ml saline with 3mg/kg weight of nicotine) and drank only water, and the green tea with nicotine received subcutaneous dose of nicotine (10ml saline with 3mg/kg weight of nicotine) and drank only green tea. Urea, uric acid and creatinine were measured by ultraviolet spectrophotometer utilizing standard methods. No differences were observed between the control and green tea only groups, and no differences were found for creatinine levels between any of the groups. The Nicotine group had urea and uric acid concentrations significantly (P < 0.05) greater than those of the control, green tea only groups, and the green tea with nicotine groups. The results of the present study indicate that an aqueous extract of green tea reduced the effects of nicotine on urea and uric acid concentrations. arabic 10 English 59
Marwan Mustafa Ali Draid(6-2016)
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Lead acetate toxicity on glucose level and liver enzymes ameliorated by camel's milk in wistar albino rat

Background: The present work was conducted to investigate the effects of lead acetate intoxication on glucose and liver functions in albino rats, and the possible effectiveness of using camel milk to protect against lead induced toxicity. Methods: Eighteen male albino rats were divided into three groups of six, the first was a control group, the second received orally lead acetate in water as (2 ml saline containing 5 mg/kg body weight of lead acetate) and the third received the same lead acetate dose and supplemented with 2 ml of camel milk, the experiment lasted for three weeks. Results: The results indicated that exposure of animals to lead acetate caused a significant increase (p
Marwa M. Draid(6-2016)
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Environmental Conditions Responsible for Hibernation in Mammals

抄録 地球環境の温暖化によって,野生動物の繁殖や冬眠行動が大きな影響を受けることは容易に想像できる。しかし,実際に冬眠がどのような環境条件に影響されているのかは不明である。そこで,本研究では,冬眠行動を誘発する環境条件について検討を行った。冬眠する齧歯目として知られているシリアンハムスターをモデルとして用いた。冬眠の誘発にとって,気温の低下と日照時間の短縮は最も重要な要因であると考えられる。そこで,ハムスターを恒暗・低温環境下で飼育したところ,冬眠に入った。一方,これらの条件に加えて,飼料としてヒマワリの種子や高脂肪食を充分に与えたのち,給餌制限を行った場合,自由摂食をさせた個体と比較して,短期間で冬眠状態に入ることが見いだされた。このことは,食物の量と組成も冬眠行動の誘発に深く関連することを示唆するものである。また,これまでの実験結果から,体重の大きい個体ほど冬眠に入りやすいことがわかった。このことは,体内に蓄積された脂肪細胞から分泌されるレプチンなどのホルモンが,冬眠行動と関連する可能性を示唆するものである。これらの結果から,冬眠は,環境温度や日照時間,そして食物といった外部環境の変化と関連することが示唆された。 It is considered that global warming and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals can influence reproduction and hibernation of wildlife. However, environmental factors responsible for such behavioral differences are not well recognized. Therefore, in this study we analyzed environmental conditions that are critical for inducing hibernation. Non-seasonal hibernators, Syrian hamsters were used in this study. It has been pointed out that a low environmental temperature is an important factor to induce hibernation. So, hamsters were kept at a cold room. After about two or three months, they hibernated. Next, food restriction under the cold environment was performed. When the hamsters were fed sunflower seeds or high fat food not standard laboratory chow and then food supply was restricted, they efficiently hibernated in a shorter time period compared with those which were given free access to food. This suggests that the quantity and nutritional composition of food can affect hibernating behavior in addition to a low environmental temperature. We noticed that hibernation is more efficiently induced in obese hamsters than in thin ones. This may indicate that hormones derived from adipose tissue including leptin could be related to hibernation. These results suggest that hibernation might be associated with external environmental factors (environmental temperature and food composition). arabic 6 English 57
Marwan Draid(3-2007)
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Effects of Anti-Tuberculous Drugs on Liver Function Profile in Libyan Patients with Tuberculosis

he present prospective study was designed to conduct a local survey on patients under anti-tuberculosis therapy hospitalized in Abo-Seta hospital, Tripoli, Libya from the safety point of view. The study was carried out on 75 inpatients. The effects of the used drugs on some hematological parameters and liver function biomarkers were monitored for six-month period of treatment. Our survey showed that tuberculosis affects people with low and medium levels of education and with no job. The frequency of adverse effects related to treatment with Abo-Seta hospital regimen were decreases in WBCs count (-38.7%), RBCs count (-32.1%), platelets count (-33%) and hemoglobin concentration (-35.5%). However, in most of the cases, it was not necessary to modify the treatment regimen because of such side effects. Some parameters showed spontaneous recovery as RBCs count (+22.1%) and hemoglobin level (+20.1%). Combined therapy of ethambutol, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, and rifampicin has been used in Abo-Seta hospital, as a regimen for tuberculosis infection, may be associated with a high risk of hepatic toxicity during first month of treatment. However, during the remaining five months there was a good recovery of liver enzymes profile. Upon the data obtained from the present study, it could be concluded that TB patient after 6 month of treatment didn't develop multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB arabic 13 English 83
Marwan Draid(7-2013)
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ATP-induced contraction in smooth muscle of chicken anterior mesenteric artery involves both pharmacomechanical and electromechanical couplings via activation of P2X receptor

The relationship between ATP-induced membrane potential and contraction was inestigated in the smooth muscle of chicken anterior mesenteric artery using micro-electrode and tension recording techniques respectively. Application of ATP to en-dothelium-denuded arterial preparations developed concentration-dependent, slow depolarization which started only at concentrations not less than 10 μM. On the other hand the tension recording experiment revealed that ATP produced concentration dependent contractions, which were evident at concentrations lower than those evoked depolarizing response to ATP (as lower 100 nM). Both depolarizing & contracting responses were abolished by the P2X receptor blocker, PPADS (50 μM) but not by P2Y receptor blocker CBF3GA (100 μM), indicating that the excitatory responses of ATP were mediated via activation of P2X receptor. These findings suggest that ATP-mediated contraction is not dependent on membrane depolarization only, at least at low concentrations in the first order branches of chicken anterior mesenteric artery. arabic 21 English 153
Marwan Draid(7-2012)
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Sulphadimidine Suppresses Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Expression in Broiler Chicken

The present study aimed at evaluation of the immuomodulatory effect of sulphadimidine by investigating its ability to affect constitutive expression of MHC-II molecules on B-cells, which are one determinant of antigen presentation and the vigor of immunity. Three groups of broiler chicken were used, the first two groups received 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg sulfadimidine, respectively, in drinking water; while the third group was left as control. Bursal samples were taken after 7 and 14 days of treatment and checked for MHC-II gene expression by RT-PCR technique. The obtained results demonstrate that oral administration of sulphadimidine inhibited the expression of MHC-II mRNA in bursal of Fabricius of broiler chicken in a dose and age dependent manner. This finding is of clinical importance as many farmers routinely add sulpha drugs to drinking water as a prophylactic measure against some infections; yet the data presented in this study doesn't recommend this managing behavior. arabic 11 English 83
Marwan Draid(5-2012)
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Effect of Intramuscular Injection of Tobramycin on Some Biochemical Parameters in Blood of Sheep

The object of the present study was to assess the possible alterations in blood of sheep that may occur following intramuscular injection of tobramycin. Tobramycin was injected to 10 sheep at a dosage regimen of 5 mg/kg of body weight for 5 successive days. Two types of blood samples (with and without EDTA as an anticoagulant) were collected from the jugular vein before and after the antibiotic course. Tobramycin significantly (p arabic 13 English 83
Marwan Draid(4-2012)
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